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February 28, 2022 4 min read

We’re putting 3 of the best producers of beer, wine & whisky here at our Newcastle based wine & beer shop under the microscope that make fantastic alcoholic drinks as we lead into Spring 2022…

So find out a little bit more on the carefully selected Beer, Wine & Whisky that you may like to add to your drinks cabinet this Spring 2022 by taking a scroll through our helpful blog below. Use it as a handy guide the next time you're in store, or even to get more of an insight into your next online purchase here at The Pip Stop. 

This month's Beer is...

First up are the team at Polly's Brew Co., a Welsh based craft brewery with a line of beers that sell out time after time. Having only formed 4 years ago, they’ve made waves in the pale ale game all from their humble beginnings in Flintshire.
 Two cans of Polly Brew Co craft beer, sat beside each other on a table top.
First up is Whut! A punchy pale ale that packs a pound of pineapple... This citrus infused pale ale is a popular hit with so many craft beer drinkers that prefer a more light & juicy approach to their tipple. It's no surprise the amount of Citra hops included in this brew, not forgetting the balance of Bru-1 & Mosaic to give that lasting bitterness. 
See what the users of Untappd have to say about this punchy Polly's Brew Co Pale Ale HERE
Grab yourself a recognisable blue can of Polly both online here & via our Newcastle based store today.
Polly - cans from the side view, showing Whut! and A Passion For Fashion
First brewed in 2019, this Polly's Brew Co classic has made its' long awaited return in 2022 & is better than ever. A Lime Gose, this hard hit of citrus is sure to make your mouth move. Juicy, zesty, cirtrussy, fruity, you name it, this Lime based corker is it. The team at Polly Brew Co. have added over 100kg of Limes to their recipe so that it truly lives up to its' name. With a touch of lemon zest as a finishing touch. 
See what the users of Untappd have to say about this Limey Poppy's Brew Co brew HERE
Find this super zesty brew on our online store & in the fridge at our Newcastle based bottle shop today.
With St David’s Day falling on Tuesday the 1st of March, there really is no better way to celebrate the patron Saint of Wales with a can of Polly's Brew Co. 

This month's Wine is...

 A serial award winner, the Australian producer of MWC & their Mourvedre Shiraz has proven a hit for over half a decade now and it continues to one of our best Australian wine imports. 
The full range of MWC wines from Australia, including the Shiraz Mourvedre highlighted in this blog post by The Pip Stop. This image shows the wines that are stocked on the shelves ready for sale in the Hoults Yard, Newcastle wine store.
While they boast a huge collection of Red wines, MWC have struck gold with their Mourvedre of 2016 & 2017.
When it comes to boldness this Australian red wine is off the charts. Packed full of  dark fruits, plum & blackberry flavours dominate this revered red wine. 
Don't just take our word for it, here's a review on Vivino for McPherson's Shiraz...
A Vivino Review for MWC Shiraz
The experts at Vivino recommend partnering this premium Australian red wine with all kinds of red meat. Beef and lamb being the most popular, but not forgetting a home made pasta dish. So if you're looking for a night in accompanied by one of the most popular, yet affordable wines in the Pip Stop wine collection, this may be the bottle of red for you. 
MWC - Shiraz, an Australian Mourvedre stocked at The Pip Stop based in Hoults Yard of Newcastle.
SO if you're looking for a sight like the above, finishing a day of work to return to a glass of bold, fruitful Shiraz find it on our website HERE, or if you're looking to purchase it in-store at our Newcastle wine shop, find us HERE...

This month's Spirit is...

If a splash of premium Scotch whisky is up your street then you'll love the lovingly created single malt whisky that has arrived through the Pip Stop's Newcastle based doors from their Spey range of single malt. 

It's International Whisky Day on the 27th of March, so how could we not take a deeper dive into the fantastic Scottish whisky that Spey Distillery have to offer in advance of this big date in the single malt calendar...

The range of whisky from Spey Distillery available at the Pip Stop, a Hoults Yard, Newcastle based Beer, Wine & Spirits store.

You've got 3 for 1 when it comes to this month's highlighted spirits. Based in the Cairngorm Mountains, the Speyside Distillery has been churning out spirits across 4 decades. Beginning it's spirit production journey on Christmas Day of 1990, it has since been home to some of the finest Scottish single malt & gin exports available today. 
The 3 limited edition malts stocked in our Newcastle home are, Trutina, Fumare & Tenne. All of which come with their very own characteristics. 
Firstly, Fumare, a Gold Medal Winner in 2019 from The Spirits Business, with only 1500 created this limited release builds not only in its' sweetness but its' intensity. If you're looking for a long lasting taste with smoky, vanilla finishes, this is the Whisky for you...
Secondly we have Tenne, with a distinctive deep red colour, the comparisons to jam & red wine aren't just due to its' striking colours. With a surprisingly light texture considering its' cask strength, this fruity whisky is for you if you like to compliment a glass of your favourite whisky with a small amount of ice or water to give that lasting aroma. So if you're looking for a malt that won't just last International Whisky Day, but the weeks following it, this makes a great bottle to do so. 

Tenne - Spey Whisky | The Pip Stop

And last, but not certainly not least, is Trutina, a much paler single malt than its' Tenne counterpart. Delivering a cask strength of 59%, this large bottle of limited edition Scottish whisky is to be savoured.

Trutina, a Single Malt whisky from Spey, a Scottish whisky producer. Here it is pictured at The Pip Stop, a Hoults Yard Wine, Beer & Spirit store based in Newcastle.

Offering highly delicate flavours, this pale gold spirit acts just as its' name translates into English, honest & pure. This distinctive higher strength leads to more impactful tones of vanilla & cream soda, finished with white pepper. Get yourself one of 1500 bottles produced HERE...

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Matthew Mallaby
Matthew Mallaby

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