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July 01, 2021 4 min read

Enjoying a game of football with a glass of wine, beer or cider is a simple pleasure as old as the game itself.

A tournament consisting of 6 groups, 24 teams and 51 matches to determine the best side in Europe. But whether you’re backing the outsider, hoping football’s coming home or here for the booze we’ll have a pack for you.

Starting off we have the Euro Favourites pack, containing a bottle from each of the bookies most hotly tipped teams to go far this tournament.

Bottles from England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal make up the Euro's Favourites multi pack. The perfect way to sample tastes from across Europe in one. great mixed case.

 The favourites pack - 6 bottles from the favourite teams to win the Euro 2020 football tournament.

Gareth Southgate’s England, with the likes of Phil Foden sporting his latest Paul Gazza Gascoigne haircut.

The 3 Lions Mixed Pack we’ve created means you don’t have to pick between Wine or Beer this tournament to cheer England on.
Featuring a large bottle of Angel & Four, an easy-drinking sparkling wine packed with peach and apricot aromas.

England 3 Lions Mixed Pack from The Pip Stop, featuring Full Circle Brew Co's Core Range and Whispering Angel.

Not forgetting Full Circle Brew Co’s fantastic beers… Now boasting 4 craft beers as part of their core range, if you’re new to Full Circle or want to find your new favourite from their fab 4 try this pack and see which tipple most takes your fancy.

If it’s Looper, the Indian Pale Ale.

Repeater, the Session Indian Pale Ale.

Hoop, the American Pale Ale.

Or Rotator, the new Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale.

Enjoy all of the core’s that Full Circle have to offer.

Joachim Löw’s Germany side, they’ll be looking to win the tournament for the 4th time in their history with stalwarts Mats Hummels, Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller still turning out for their national team.

A combination of White Wine and quality German Beers makes up our Germany Mixed Pack.

You won’t need to look much further than Flensburger Pilsner & Gold to get that quintessential German beer taste.

A pale beer brewed in a similar fashion to Pilsners, the Gold has a light yeasty aroma but packs a full & fresh taste.

The Germany Mixed Pack from The Pip Stop, a wine merchant based in Hoults Yard of Newcastle. Consisting of Anselmann White Wine & Flensburger Beer.

As for the Pilsner, this is a full-bodied bitter brew combining caramel notes with hints of lemongrass.

The Anselmann Gburgunder Classic is a white wine bursting with apples, apricots and exotic fruits. This wine will go hand in hand with an evening game, whether it’s paired with a dinner, a match on tele, or both.

Didier Deschamps France side, having the luxury of recalling Karim Benzema to an already outrageously strong side, a country known for their footballing ability and their wines.

We couldn’t let help but fill a 6 pack full of the finest French wines available today.

Starting off is the 2 wines from Plaimont.
Firstly is the Plaimont Colombard, a fresh French wine that holds notes of green apples, a delightful tipple originating from the Gascogne region.

Alongside that is the Plaimont Merlot-Tannat, a soft but fruity Merlot with notes of black fruits as well as spices.

4 bottles of premium French Wine, sold in The Pip Stop's physical store. Based in the heart of Newcastle City Centre in Hoults Yard.

A bottle of Chateau Malbat has been added, a juicy bottle of red, an ideal pairing with an evening meal.

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc completes this Mixed French Wine Pack, a crisp white wine with tasting notes of green apples with a small degrees of acidity to leave a refreshing aftertaste. 

Roberto Mancini, a boss that has won Serie A back-to-back-to-back with Inter Milan as well as winning the most iconic of Premier League titles with the infamous “Aguero” moment. This is a high-quality manager with tournament pedigree. Even though the likes of Giorgio Chiellini & Leonardo Bonucci are towards the end of their careers you can never count the 1964 winners out from any tournament.

Miopasso Italy Mixed Wine Case from The Pip Stop. Featuring a mix of red & white wines.

The Miopasso Italian Mixed case brings you the best from one of Italy’s finest producers of Red & White Wine.

Two bottles of the highly regarded Miopasso Pinot Grigio, a great Wine to enjoy in a large glass on a particularly warm day. Bursting with tropical aromas and flavours when the sun is out you’ll want to open one of your bottles as soon as possible.

Italian for “my pace”, Miopasso’s Fiano is a metaphor for Italian life, this particular dry white wine has strong apricot aromas while leaving undertones of hazelnut and almond.

In contrast to the Fiano, the Miopasso Primitivo provides punches of prunes and cherries to deliver a highly warm and rich Red Wine.

And finally, a bottle of Miopasso Nero D’Avola. This highly-regarded full-bodied Red is perfect in a large wine glass with a whole host of occasions and meals, let alone to sample this authentic Italian taste. 

Although they’re without Sergio Ramos, no national side have won the European Football Championships more than Luis Enrique’s Spain.

Combining tremendously popular Spanish beers, alongside two of Spain’s finest Red & White Wine’s. This is a pack of real quality and variety.
A hit with so many of Pip Stop’s regulars, Alhambra produce a range of strong beers.

Spanish Mixed Pack, featuring beers from Alhambra, alongside a Red and White Wine. Sold by The Pip Stop, online wine merchant.

First of which in the Spanish Euro 2020 Mixed Pack is the Alhambra Reserva, a strong premium pale ale with a golden colour to it.

A pale pilsner style lager, Alhambra Especial is strong on the malt and hops to leave an intense after taste…

Brewed in Granada, Spain, Alhambra’s Roja is a Doppelbock. True to its’ name this premium craft beer is reddish in appearance, with a more warm and fruity taste than its’ counterparts.

Andy Stephenson
Andy Stephenson

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