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July 23, 2021 2 min read

As part of our handy Pip Stop summer guide we’ve got a short but snappy list of the best wines to enjoy not just for a BBQ but for any particularly sunny day… 

Firstly this fruity rose wine needs little to no introduction...

Wines from The Pip Stop in their wine merchant shop, Whispering Angel a sparkling fruity rose wine is sat front and centre before a full row of The Pip Stop's wines.

Whispering Angel has been a huge hit over recent years. Enjoyed in sun-filled gardens throughout the U.K. there’s no wonder it is in such constant high demand. Packed full of peach and strawberry, this rose doesn’t skimp on flavour and is the perfect refreshing drink on a hot day.

 View Whispering Angel

The McPherson family hold over 50 years of experience in the Wine industry. Producing some of the finest wine that Australia has to offer, both our punchy Pinot Grigio and fruity Rose’s are a great option to accompany a summers day...

McPherson Pinot Grigio

Steadily growing their repertoire, they specialise in refreshing flavours, and with Jo Nash as head Winemaker her award-winning productions continue to make days spent in the sunshine that much better.

 View McPherson's Pinot Grigio

View McPherson's Rose Wine

Baglietti is one of the most revered names in Prosecco and all things fizz. Fill your Prosecco glasses with either of these drinks this summer.

Firstly the Baglietti No 10 Prosecco, as you’ll notice with any bottle from Baglietti is the attention to detail they go into with their striking bottle designs. This particular variation matching a royal blue with the golden accents of both the Prosecco and its’ seal.

 Baglietti No 10 Prosecco on the shelves in the stores of The Pip Stop based in Hoults Yard of Newcastle in the city centre

This dry Prosecco is packed with pears, almond and citrus. Making the perfect partner to all kinds of summer scenarios. If you’re struggling for a drink to partner a BBQ, to toast a Graduation or even as a gift this bold bottle of Baglietti could be a great answer.

View Baglietti No 10 Prosecco

Secondly the No 7, Rose Prosecco from Baglietti.

Rose Prosecco from Baglietti No 7 - available at the Pip Stop's physical store and online store front

With another striking bottle design this thoroughly pink number matches its’ taste sake. As one of the most satisfying Rose prosecco’s around, and stocked both in The Pip Stop store & webstore, if all things pink or Rose are more to your liking this is the drink for you.

View Baglietti No 7 Rose Prosecco

An Italian Prosecco, the Extra Dry Abbazia has been a hit for well over half a decade. Delicate hints of pear and apple make up the flavours of this popular prosecco.

A full bodied drink perfect to accompany any Prosecco glasses on a hot summers day, the Abbazia vineyards have been producing exceptionally good grapes for wines since the 9th century.

This longevity and history has led to the creation of an award winning full bodied Prosecco ready for purchase both in store and at our online webstore.

View Abbazia Prosecco

Andy Stephenson
Andy Stephenson

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