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July 29, 2021 2 min read

Almasty Brewing Co, a Newcastle based brewery have been pushing the boundaries of all thing’s beer for years now. A well-respected Craft Beer producer local to The Pip Stop, their striking flavour combinations and equally attention grabbing graphics mean these cans appeal to so many senses simultaneously.Almasty Brewing Co's range of beers available at the Pip Stop, Hoults Yard Newcastle Wine and beer merchant

First up is their can of Green, a sole hop ale that is chocked full of fruity mango and passionfruit. This fruity 5% ABV number has delivered on so many levels for so many people. A quick browse on Untappd will tell you all you need to know, enjoyed straight from tap or from a chilled can

View Almasty Brewing Co Green

Simple Pleasures is a balanced Pale Ale that makes up Almasty Brewing Co.’s staple range. Combining strong grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours this easy drinker is tough to find across beer fridges and online stockists across the UK. But as part of our new online Craft Beer range, try a can of this 4% ABV on a hot sunny day to see why so many Almasty fans continue to enjoy a can of this fruity brew.

View Almasty Brewing Co Simple Pleasures

Thirdly, this vegan Indian Pale Ale from Almasty encloses mountains of mango alongside subtle hints of gooseberry & white wine. The strongest can in our Almasty selection, this 6% brew is an all-weather all-occasions drinker, in moderation of course.

View Almasty Brewing Co Believe

If there’s one thing Left Handed Giant are recognised for it is their striking eye-catching can designs. Dream House is no different. Bright coloured can, pale coloured ale, this is a can that will excite all senses. Citrussy flavours consisting of subtle orange, lemon & lime compliment the Left Handed Giant hopping bill of Citra Cryo, Galaxy, Mosaic and Vic Secret to bring this hazey pale ale to life.

Dream House by Left Handed Giant at The Pip Stop

View Left Handed Giant Dream House

Pomona Island have concocted a pale ale with such popularity it’s become a no-brainer for it to act as a true standard bearer in their Core Range. A striking Dragonfly can design, Phaedra is simple in can design and no nonsense with its’ make up and flavours. Brewed to be enjoyed again and again, this juicy, hazy pale ale continues to be a Craft Beer aficionado’s favourite on Untappd.

Phaedra by Pomona Island at The Pip Stop

View Pomona Island Phaedra

Andy Stephenson
Andy Stephenson

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