October 16, 2020 2 min read

Lets be honest. Financially, the start of the year can always be a bit tight.

That doesn’t mean you can’t drink great wine, however. In this week’s blog (and the first of 2020…oops) we’re giving a shout out to our top 5 wines for under a tenner.

Now we know wat you’re thinking, you can get good wine anywhere for under £10 what on earth are you talking about? We’re not talking good wine here, we’re talking GREAT wine.

Wines that will have you coming back again and again and again are hard to come by at that price but with these, you’re onto a winner.

Waitonga Falls Sauvignon Blanc – £6.99

Our first contender is perhapse one of the most well priced Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs on the market. Packed with ripe pepper and juicy lime flavours, and Marlborough’s trademark tomato vine aromas, this is a great way to enjoy the nations most popular wine without breaking the bank.

Los Coches Viognier – £7.99

Our second white is one that we’ve spoken about before in previous blogs. It’s a staff favourite here at The Pip Stop due to it’s versatility.

It’s aother dry and refreshing white wine but with big fleshy pear and lychee flavours and a really ripe, floral aroma. Great with food, or even just to be drunk on it’s own.

Waverider Rosé – £8.99

For this one, we take another trip to New Zealand. Marlborough Sauvignon immediately brings thoughts of crisp white wines with plush gooseberry flavours but this has it’s own little twist.

With a small percentage of Pinot Noir added to the tank this addition rounds off the wine with more berry flavours and floral aromas to compliment the tomato vine and gooseberry of the Sauvignon.

Lautarul Pinot Noir – £7.99

Romania is rapidly becoming a big player in the wine world with a reputation for great value wines. This rich and potent Pinot Noir with complex black cherry and raspberry flavours with a hint of cinnamon on the finish and a long aftertaste.

McPherson Shiraz – £8.99

We rave about this wine to anyone who will listen and fans of Australian Shiraz will LOVE this wine. It’s quite possibly the softest and most easy drinking red we’ve ever come across.

Medium bodied and packed with jammy berry flavours this wine has a subtle hint of spice on the end palate from 8 months of french oak aging. Its structurl, its elegant and the finish lingers beautifully.

What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Ben Cleary
Ben Cleary

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