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July 23, 2021 2 min read

A refreshing beer combined with a sunny day is a combination enjoyed for as long as time itself. We've curated a snapshot list of the best Pip Stop beers to be enjoyed at a BBQ, special occasion or even just when the Great British sun decides to rear its' head. 

Try a bottle of Peroni Red

This malty and particularly hoppy beer is an Italian staple.

There are few more respected names than Peroni in the Italian let alone worldwide beer game.

Bottles of Peroni lined up in the Pip Stop Fridge

Acting as the perfect accompaniment to any and all kinds of Italian food, this could quickly become one of the best additions to your fully stocked fridge.

Pairing Peroni with tasty Italian food doesn’t have to be the limit of this strong, dark beer. For its’ intense flavour this is a surprisingly easy drinker, ideal for a sip in the summer sunshine...

View Peroni Red

A fruity Schofferhofer 

This sweet concoction from Schofferhofer is bursting with grapefruit flavours. Combining sweet grapefruit with premium German wheat beer, this is a drink that goes down all too well over the summer months...

View Schofferhofer

The Taste of South American Quilmes

One of Argentina’s finest exports, Quilmes is a light, refreshing beer that is pale in colour but tremendous in taste.

Quilmes alongside other lagers in The Pip Stop beer fridge

A light crisp beer, the Quilmes brewery was formed in 1888 by Otto Bemberg. Having emigrated from Germany to Argentina he has had more than a lasting impact on the country of Argentina being responsible for the most popular blonde beer in all of Argentina.

View Quilmes

Intense Spanish Alhambra Reserva Roja

A strong recognisable beer the Reserva Roja is part of the highly regarded Alhambra range. Regarded as one of the best Spanish beer brewers they have been producing this particular recipe across 4 decades. It’s no surprise that it continues to fly off the Pip Stop shelves on a regular basis.

Alhambra Reserva Roja, stocked on the shelves of The Pip Stop

This beer may be vegan friendly but it doesn’t skimp on flavour… Grab a bottle

View Alhambra

Try The New Full Circle Brew Co Sour

Pineapple puree, Sabro and Bru 1 hops combine to create Full Circle Brew Co's latest addition to The Pip Stop beer fridge...

Full Circle Brew Co's Pineapple Sour - A Tiny Pinch Of Magic

Hints of Pina Colada could make this a quick favourite amongst fans of Full Circle Brew Co and fruity sours. 

View A Tiny Pinch Of Magic

Andy Stephenson
Andy Stephenson

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