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August 10, 2021 2 min read

If a bottle of bubbly is up your street you'll want to make sure your Prosecco glasses are full this Friday the 13th on National Prosecco Day.

We've got 4 of the best bottles of Prosecco money can buy here at The Pip Stop and we're here to give you more detail so you can make the best choice when it comes to National Prosecco Day...

 Bottles of Prosecco from The Pip Stop and their online store, lined up there are bottles from Baglietti, Abbazia and Trevisana

Tremendous Trevisana

Trevisana Prosecco sat on top of a bar as part of the Pip Stop range

One of the freshest, fruitiest Prosecco's available, Trevisana have developed a light but sweet trademark taste in their Extra Dry DOC Prosecco.

 View Trevisana Prosecco

Pick Your Bottle Of Baglietti

The beauty of Baglietti doesn't just just lie behind it's exquisite taste or its' striking bottle designs. It's your ability to choose the perfect bottle for you... Rose or Classic.

Rose Prosecco from Baglietti, No.7

First up is the No.7 Rose Prosecco from Baglietti... adding not only subtle flavours of red fruits but adding the alluring Pink colour to match the trademark bottle design from such an established name in Prosecco.

View Baglietti No.7

Baglietti Prosecco No.10 Italian fizz sat with a prosecco glass on a sunny day

The classic No.10 from Baglietti is their classic dry Prosecco. Packed with hints of Pear and Apple, if you enjoy a glass of fizz when celebrating this has ticked the boxes for so many to date. Become the latest by purchasing a bottle in time for this years National Prosecco Day...

View Baglietti No.10

Have A Fruity Friday With Abbazia

 An extra dry Prosecco, Abbazia also combines Apple and Pear flavours to make up their extra dry, extra sweet Prosecco. Produced with Grapes from the Veneto region of Italy, this 11% Prosecco makes a great partner to an evening celebration or weekend special occasion. 

Abbazia Prosecco sat on a bar top from The Pip Stop with 2 Prosecco Glasses

Being successful in gaining a silver award in the drinks business 2016 Prosecco Masters category, it is well worth finding out why this Italian Prosecco has gone down so well for over half a decade...

View Abbazia Prosecco

Matthew Mallaby
Matthew Mallaby

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