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December 02, 2021 2 min read

Take a look at our Christmas gifts under £30 blog here for some inspiration this festive season…

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone. Especially if you're working to a particular price. That's why in this blog we're focussing on some of the best gifts you can get your hands on for less than £30 this Christmas. Are you looking for a gift for Mam, Dad, a friend or colleague? We've got you covered with our Pip Stop gift collections. 

Get some inspiration for Christmas gifts by having a scroll down...

Are you looking for a bottle of Port with a difference?

Decanted into a beautiful wide bottle this exquisite gift, the Vista Alegre Reserve Ruby Port Decanter makes a great gift for under £25.

A bottle of Port sold in the pip stop store based in Hoults Yard of Newcastle city centre

Enjoyed by so many lucky mam’s, dad’s, relatives, friends and beyond. A bottle of port goes down so well over the festive season. So make a Christmas truly special for someone with a decorative bottle of Port like this one.

View This Port Here

Are you shopping for a craft beer lover this Christmas?

Packed full of Full Circle Brew Co’s finest core beers, this truly is a beer gift with a difference. Not only does it contain stupendous craft beer. But it’s packed into a quirky vending machine style box…

The Full Circle Vending machine from front on. Displaying craft beer in it's presentation box.

Place this vending machine upright into your fridge and enjoy the novelty of this beer gift time and time again. As soon as you’ve finished your 6 craft beer cans, just head back to the Pip Stop’s website or our store in Hoult’s Yard to find 6 more cans that will bring this gift to life.

So for a gift that will bring a smile to a craft beer lover time after time this is the one for you. And all for under £25…

View This Craft Beer Gift Here

Can you not decide what’s best as a Christmas gift for someone this year?

Look no further than The Pip Stop gift card.

Get everything from £10 of Pip Stop credit, up to £100 to spend on all matter of alcoholic drink s& gifts. So if you’re not sure if your relative wants white wine or red wine. If your friend can’t pick between pale ale or stout. If your parent can’t choose between Gin or Prosecco.

The Pip Stop gift card

The Pip Stop gift card will give someone all the joy of their favourite drink, while ensuring just as much thought and effort has gone into making their weekend special.

Get A Pip Stop Gift Card Here

Matthew Mallaby
Matthew Mallaby

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