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December 02, 2021 2 min read

If purchasing a thoughtful gift with wow factor this Christmas is on your priorities list then look no further than this helpful blog. We’re going to take you through some of the best Christmas gifts here at the Pip Stop over the £30 mark. As featured in the Christmas gifts collection, these are gifts full of craft beer, wine and all matter of premium alcoholic drinks.

Have You Tried Some Of Chile’s Finest Wine?

Introduce someone to one of Chile’s finest wine exporters in Altaria. As simple as combining their best bottles of red and white wine, this mixed pack will keep someone stocked for all occasions this festive season.

Altaria Wine on the shelves of the pip stop based in Hoults Yard of Newcastle city centre

As a Christmas gift, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc. This mixed pack provides someone not only with a taste of Chile, but a fully stocked fridge throughout Christmas. The main question is if they’re generous enough to share it with you?

View The Altaria Mixed Wine Case Here

Want To Countdown To Christmas In The Best Way?

The 12 days of Christmas have never tasted so good…

With the Full Circle Brew Co advent calendar this combines some of Full Circle’s finest crews, including their revered core range. Alongside some of the best breweries in the United Kingdom. Names like Pomona, Almasty, Unbarred & 71 Brewing make up this 12 can gift.

Full Circle Brew Co advent calendar, containing core craft beer as well as other infamous breweries beers from around the United Kingdom.

So if you’re buying for someone that knows their beer, there’s 100% chance that they’ll love this beer packed Christmas gift. Unveil each new can day by day enjoying a range of brews not only from this fantastic Newcastle based brewery but from so many more.

Get A Full Circle Brew Co Advent Calendar Here

Are You Shopping For Classic British Brews?

Samuel Smith have brewed their beer in the same way for years. Hence why it’s stuck with their fans for decades. Their wide range of alcoholic beers & ciders, alongside their consistent level of quality they produce is why they’ve become so popular.

Sam Smith's beers from The Pip Stop

In this Sam Smith’s beer multipack, you get a range of fruit flavoured beers. Including organic raspberry, strawberry, apricot & cherry. Not forgetting the immensely popular organic lager & India ale.

See The Samuel Smith Multipack Here

Matthew Mallaby
Matthew Mallaby

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