We’re getting ready to stack the shelves…

The Old Garage in Maiden Law has come a long way and is nearly ready to become the Pip Stop! The majority of the structural work in the building has been completed- most importantly the mini has been crashed through the wall, so now the fun can really begin!

We do however have a lot of hard work to do before our grand opening weekend on 24th– 26th April. Once the flooring is dried and the electrics are in the next big thing on the list is installing our bespoke barrel tasting counter where we are excited for people to come to ‘fuel their curiosity’, and learn about and try new wines.

.What we’re also missing is the other half of the mini soon to become our bargain boot! It’s also really important to us to keep to our vintage roots even down to the finer details inside the store so we are planning on hand painting our signage and we’ve just cleaned up twelve bottle green retro lights which are ready to be suspended from the ceiling.

Last of all, we’ll need to do some serious shelf stacking and finally pop open the Prosecco to welcome the lovely people of the North East into our brand new store.


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