Wedding Wine – The perfect partner deserves the perfect wine.

I have only recently took the leap to marriage by asking my partners hand in marriage. In most peoples eyes this would be a fairy tail situation where all your dreams come true. Now with this in part being correct, the wedding planning, organisation and money issues do seem to drown out some of that ‘cloud 9’ feeling. However, lets not be negative. This is an exciting time for everyone involved and should be an enjoyable experience for both parties.

We at The Pip Stop feel a fun and stress free planning process is vital in making the big day a success. Our wedding package offers many a benefit and is tailored solely to the couple in question.

– We offer a free tasting in-store of up to 4 different wines to try, free of charge.

– Customise the selection based upon your likes/dislikes and of course, food match it to your Wedding Day feast.

– Free glass hire

– Sale or return

– An exclusive wedding discount on orders over £200 (fully aware of rising costs so this could be classed as a little      wedding favour from The Pip Stop)

– Free delivery to wedding venues in the North East.

– Personalised Labeling


With all these benefits up for grabs, why not give us a try. Call us on 01207523555 or email us as

You can also find us on


A selection of our own brand wines for weddings


The Bargain Boot

Our best value selection for weddings


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