Our Top 3 “Monday Beers”

Monday BeerLast week we read a delightful little article by The Takeout. It explained the concept of the Monday Beer and we think it’s potentially the most important drink of the week.

What the hell’s a “Monday Beer”?

The article explains the Monday night beer as the cold one you reward yourself with for getting through another Monday. It’s light, refreshing and won’t give you a pounding headache come Tuesday morning.

We liked the idea, but then we had a little disagreement in the office about just what is the best Monday Beer. Our individual arguments are below, along with our favourites.

Dave: Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana

For me this is the ideal Monday night beer. Big and juicy with an almost sherbet-esque finish.

It’s my go-to beer of choice any time I want something light and sessionable and for me that is the spirit of the “Monday beer”. Nice and chilled, full of flavour, but still light enough to make it something that won’t rattle your skull.

Grab yours here.

Jen: Moosehead Lager

I’m not a lover of IPAs, as a rule I usually go for something darker, but the Monday beer is a different beast entirely.

Moosehead is perfect for a summer Monday evening. It is a light, golden refreshing lager with a good body and structure, just what you need for completing Monday.

Because it’s nice and light, it’s ideal for lighter foods like smoked salmon salads as well. Just the kind of low effort dinner at the end of a Monday.

Ben: Alhambra Reserva

I’ll tend to only have one beer on a Monday night so I do tend to go with something with a slightly higher ABV. Nothing crazy, just something a bit more full bodied.

My choice is the Alhambra Reserva. A nice, light lager style beer that not only looks the part, but tastes amazing too.

It’s so deep and satisfying that I can’t look beyond it.

So what’s your choice?

Which do you agree with most? Tell us your ideal Monday Night Beer in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter. And of course show some love to Kate Bernot and her pals over at The Takeout

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