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Who to Look For at This Summer’s Beer Festivals

Summer is here (supposedly) and that can mean only one thing, beer festivals. Lots and lots of beer festivals. Now these can be confusing. There’s dozens of stands, each with a handful of beers on, how do you choose? Well as always, we’re here to help. Here are some breweries to look out for when you’re wandering around your nearest beer festival this summer. Donzoko Brewing Company Hartlepool based Donzoko Brewing Company have made quite a splash over the course of the past 12 months. Could this be a new... Read More


A Guide to Lesser Known Grape Varietals

This week we’re here to help you with a little inspiration. We’re here to save you from yourselves, from having to stare at the same bottles over and over again. We know how it is. You get the same wines time after time because you’ve got a million and one other things to do. Well we’re guilty of it to. To make things a little easier we’ve knocked together a list of our top six. Roussanne/Marsanne For people who like: Chardonnay, Viognier. The northern Rhone valley is the home of... Read More


Howzat! It’s A Six From Sir Ian Botham

One of the greatest cricketers in the history of the game, Sir Ian Botham, has now turned his attention to the wine industry. Choosing specially selected parcels of grapes from his favourite wine regions, Sir Ian has created these amazing ranges. The All-Rounder Range Named for Sir Ian’s skill as both a bowler and batsman, the all rounder range is just that, an all rounder. The price? Normally £8.49, but down to £6.99 for the duration of the Cricket World Cup. The All Rounder Pinot Grigio Our opening batsman is... Read More


Our Pick of Non-Scottish Single Malts

With world whisky day just around the corner we’re giving you an insight into some of our favourite whiskies from outside of Scotland. Paul John Brilliance Distilled in Goa, India using barley from the foothills of the Himalayas, the Brilliance is the flagship whisky from Paul John distillers. Totally free of peat this whisky somehow manages to maintain a full bodied viscosity. Matured in ex bourbon barrels this is effectively a scotch whisky in all but location. It’s no stranger to awards either with the Liquid Gold Award by Jim... Read More


Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc

It’s International Sauvignon Blanc day today, hurrah! To celebrate we’re having an in depth look at what makes it so popular. What is Sauvignon Blanc? The name Sauvignon Blanc roughly translates to “Wild White” with origins in the South of France. It’s one of the most widely planted varieties in the world. Because of this, it has a wide range of styles and flavours depending on where it’s planted. Old world styles, such as those in France, will normally be more restrained and grassy. The flip side of this is... Read More


Historic Vintage Bollinger and Veuve Cliquot

Anyone who’s ever worked in retail or warehousing will tell you that stock take is a pain. No-one enjoys it and it rarely goes to plan. What we never expected when we did ours was to stumble across some old vintage champagne, and not just the odd bottle either. Six whole cases of classic Bollinger La Grande Annee vintages, all in their original condition (albeit a bit dusty) and a few cases of Veuve Clicquot Vintage fizz too. So in this week’s blog we’re going to have a little breakdown... Read More


What is Cremant and why you should care in 2019

Cremant (or Crémant for the accent lovers) looks to be muscling in on Champagne’s territory in a big way. As the price of France’s most famous fizz goes up, bubbly lovers around the country are looking to Crémant as an affordable and tasty alternative. What is Crémant? In simple terms, Crémant is a sparkling wine made in France. Traditionally Crémant (cray-mont) denoted a gentler bubble, however now this isn’t necessarily the case. It uses the traditional method of creating champagne, while not actually being made in the Champagne region. Because... Read More


Breaking Down Wine Pricing

In this week’s blog we’re looking into why your wine costs what it does. Most importantly, where are you going to get the best value for your money. Here at The Pip Stop we love wine. It goes without saying, it’s the business we’re in! We also, however, want to make sure that we (and you) get good wine at a fair price. The important thing? Knowing where your money is going. Breaking Down The Price As you can see in this chart, logistics, packaging and excise duty make up... Read More


Is The Gin Bubble About To Burst?

In this week’s blog we’re looking at the drinks trend of the decade that just won’t seem to go away. We’re talking of course, about Gin. It’s something we’re asked about on a fairly regular basis, and the short answer is…probably not. Things are constantly looking up in the world of gin, however we can’t ignore the fact that Brexit looms. Drink less, drink better In the UK there are over 300 gin distilleries, and more in the London area than there were in the UK in 2010. With people... Read More

How long does wine last? 10/02/2019

Our Pick of the Fizz for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we’ve put together a list of our favourite fizzes to please any palate. Abbazia Extra Dry Prosecco A bestseller and an award winner, the Abbazia Extra Dry has been the star of the show here at The Pip Stop since we opened. At £9.99 it’s a really good, affordable option. The intense mousse gives this prosecco a really full mouthfeel. As the delicate aromas drift from the glass, flavours of apple and pear linger on the tongue. Dopff & Irion Crémant D’Alsace Crémant... Read More