Our Pick of Non-Scottish Single Malts

With world whisky day just around the corner we’re giving you an insight into some of our favourite whiskies from outside of Scotland.

Paul John Brilliance

Distilled in Goa, India using barley from the foothills of the Himalayas, the Brilliance is the flagship whisky from Paul John distillers. Totally free of peat this whisky somehow manages to maintain a full bodied viscosity.

Matured in ex bourbon barrels this is effectively a scotch whisky in all but location. It’s no stranger to awards either with the Liquid Gold Award by Jim Murray, the Spirit Business Gold Award and the Òran Mór Award to name but a few.

There’s a lot of honey on the palate with this whisky. Smooth, flavourful and reminiscent of chocolate honeycomb.

At £38.99 you can even get it here at The Pip Stop.

Jack Ryan Beggars Bush 10 year old

A single malt whisky matured in ex bourbon barrels. Normally that would scream scotch but this is the Jack Ryan Beggars Bush from Ireland.

Apricot led in mouth this oily textured spirit fades to a vanilla and treacle flavour. A popcorn-esque finish will have you coming back for more every time.

Despite it’s 46% ABV (and a reputation of Irish whisky being a bit harsh) this is remarkably easy to drink. The price? Just £51.99.

Mackmyra Skordetid

A word of warning, this one isn’t in production any more. The Mackmyra Skordetid was one of the distillery’s seasonal runs and Dave (our assistant manager) hasn’t shut up about it since.

This is a blend of single malts aged in (deep breathe) Amarone, bourbon, oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximenez sherry and Mackmyra Reserve casks. The result? A deliciously fruity whisky which is rich and sweet on the palate.

Prices online at the moment range from an absurdly cheap £47.95 all the way through to £68. If we can lay our hands on some, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Blantons Gold Single Barrel Bourbon

Ok so this one isn’t a single malt (obviously) but it is a single barrel and therefore can be tenuously linked to this article. This is a whiskey (with the ‘e’) distilled in America for overseas markets, sold under allocation and under high demand.

At a hefty 51.5% this is a spicy and complex bourbon, with an underlying smoothness. Rye and a hint of tobacco on the nose is followed by honey, charred oak and vanilla in mouth with a hint of dark fruit.

Balanced and characterful it’s definitely worthy of consideration (despite not being a single malt). The price? The most reliable supply we found was at £92.50.

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