New Arrivals from McPherson’s Wine Company

The weather in the North East is unpredictable at best so this week we aim to bring a bit of sunshine to your table. We’re bringing Australia to you with our four new wines all the way from Victoria. Southern Australia is arguably the heart of Australia’s Wine industry, crushing almost half of the country’s growing output and Victoria is the most interesting, dynamic and varied of Australia’s wine states.

These are our pick of the bunch this week, with four offerings from the McPherson Winery showing the style and breadth of Victoria’s production with two stunning Shiraz blends, a cheeky chardonnay and a playful Pinot Gris.

Will you prefer brilliance of the Pinot Gris with its aromas of pears, lychees and exotic spice, or perhaps the medal-laden Shiraz Mourvedre with its fruity dark berry flavours are more to your tastes.

The babies of the bunch are the newly released Sunburnt and Moonstruck. Sunburnt is a rich textual Chardonnay with aromas of tropical fruits pierced with apple and spice, ideal with fish dishes and creamy sauces. Moonstone, on the other hand, is rich and elegant with a superb length and notes of blackberry and pepper, the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday lunch.

We can’t choose between them here at The Pip Stop so we’ve got them all right here, at a special introductory price of just £8.59.

Like our taste of Australia? Why not sign up for our Australia Tasting Evening? Ask at the Barrel for details.

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