It’s cocktail time….

Summer is peeking it’s head around the corner which can mean only one thing, garden parties, barbeques and, the staple of them all, cocktails.

We know everyone loves something a little different in the summer, whether its a refreshing gin and tonic, a mellow rum punch or even a crisp whiskey sour, so we’ve chosen some delightful new spirits to fuel your summer.

From the traditional gins and bourbons to your spiced rums and blended whiskies you’ll find the perfect focal point for your own taste of summer.

Staff favourites:


“Tastes like heven, burns like hell” 

The tagline stays true to it’s word with the sensational flavour of this smooth, blended cinnamon whiskey. We love it neat but it also tastes great with apple juice in a punch or even dropped into cider to spice up your pint.

Red Leg

A delightful spiced rum, perfectly blended with ginger and vanilla to bring a taste of the Caribbean to your party. Mix it with some pineapple and orange juice, or even some ginger beer for some party refreshment, or enjoy the balance of sweet and spice on the rocks.

Eagle Rare

This carefully aged whiskey holds a deep flavour with smells of toffee, orange, herbs and honey. For those of you who don’t quite fancy it neat, add a dash of orange and cranberry juice for a refreshing barbeque cocktail.

No. 209

Last, but by no means least, the No. 209 gin. When we finally stopped staring in awe at the bottle and sampled the citrus laced nectar inside we were hooked. This is an incredible partner for the usual tonic, or even drank neat, in a martini glass with some added lemon zest.

This entire range is now available to buy online or in store, so come on in and fuel your curiosity!

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