Is The Gin Bubble About To Burst?

In this week’s blog we’re looking at the drinks trend of the decade that just won’t seem to go away. We’re talking of course, about Gin.

It’s something we’re asked about on a fairly regular basis, and the short answer is…probably not. Things are constantly looking up in the world of gin, however we can’t ignore the fact that Brexit looms.

Drink less, drink better

In the UK there are over 300 gin distilleries, and more in the London area than there were in the UK in 2010. With people constantly looking to buy local there are more and more regional gins popping up too.

The trend is driven by people drinking less while at the same time looking for more artisanal products. Gin is a seemingly safe bet, big flavours, lots of variety and a load of premium products on the market.

It’s also been aided by the onslaught of flavoured gins, which make the traditionally perfumed spirit even more accessible. A lot of people who usually don’t like gin, are finding flavoured versions right up their street.

The dreaded b word

We don’t like to mention Brexit (friends who want to stay friends don’t mention religion or politics) but it’s potential effect on the UK gin market could be dire. As no-one really know’s what will happen after the end of March, we have to prepare for the worst.

The issue we could be facing is that a lot of botanicals used British gin production are imported. This includes juniper, which many distillers get imported from the Mediterranean.

In the event of a no-deal brexit, this could raise supply problems for distilleries. This could lead to higher prices and then people going off gin due to being priced out of the market.

This is before we even mention the dozens, and perhaps even hundreds, of smaller distillers who may be forced to close down because they can’t compete.

So…are things slowing down?

As things stand the trend is thriving and growing every year. Gin is a billion pound industry in the UK and demand isn’t slowing.

Provided there isn’t a ‘Doomsday Brexit’ situation on the cards in the next few months we fully expect gin to keep growing and doing it’s thing.

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