Craft Beer Revolution: Introducing Marble, Alphabet and Drygate

We love a beer here at The Pip Stop so we thought we’d introduce you to the breweries behind our latest acquisitions. Introducing Marble Brewing, Alphabet Brewing and Drygate Brewery.

Marble Brewing

Based in Manchester and housed underneath the arches on Thomas Street Marble has gone from strength to strength since opening up in the back of the Marble Arch pub. As well as making great beer in it’s own right, available in store in the form of the “Earl Grey IPA” and the “Pint”, head brewer James Kemp has called on his love of hard rock and heavy metal for the Marble Gothic Series.

These are a series of big hitting beers inspired from some big hitting riffs, with a delicious India Pale Lager (Nemesis), a fresh and resinous APA (Built to Fall) and an american inspired pilsner (Your Betrayal). They look amazing and taste just as good.

Alphabet Brewing Co.

Another relative newby from Manchester, Alphabet Brewing Co. (ABC) are based in the city’s red light district, with their taproom, nestled on North Western St, a mere 5 minute walk from Manchester Picadilly. It’s only open on Saturdays, but from noon to 10pm they open up the brewery to the public for street food, live DJs and of course lots of beer.

Along with their Hoi Polloi and A to the K we’ve taken a serious liking to the Flat White. With the tagline “what every hipster worth his beard should be drinking for breakfast”, this breakfast stout is an incredible blend of coffee, milk and oat flavours with an amazing texture and mouthfeel.

Drygate Brewery

Drygate sits in the shadow of the Tenants leviathan in the heart of Glasgow, a small glimmer of craft beer defiance next to the beer giants. They are the first brewery to offer a full US craft style experience, offering everything from the standard tap room and food experience, through to the chance to make your own beer on a full size kit.

The branding isn’t too bad either, with the glorious Chimera, Disco Forklift Truck and Crossing the Rubicon gracing our “just in” shelves. Great beer, great design and a great concept, we can definitely see these guys injecting a new lease of life into the craft beer scene.

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