Get spooky this Halloween with our Bats Blood Merlot!

As Halloween peeks it’s head around the corner we’ve got a ghoulishly special offer for you, knocking 20% off our Bats Blood Merlot until November 2nd. Grown and bottled in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, “The Master’s Choice” is as smooth as velvet in the mouth with a moreish quality. Made by the Chief winemaker of Casella, famed for Yellowtail Wines, and his wife at the end of the Australian wine season there is a definite pedigree for top quality winemaking in this Transylvanian estate. Packed full of dark fruit flavours,... Read More

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Let’s Celebrate Australia!

This month we’re celebrating all things Australian, offering a huge 15% discount on our all Australian wines! So which one will it be? We’ve put together some our Aussie favourites to help you decide! Chapter 3 Cabernet Sauvignon With big-hitting aromas of blackcurrant and blackberries followed up with subtle oak and a tickle of sweet mint, there is intensity and interest in every glass. Perfectly balanced with a firm tannin structure, this Cab is smooth and supple. Food Pairing: Beef Cheese Pairing: Wensleydale Moonstruck Shiraz Our favourites list wouldn’t be complete without a... Read More


Is Ohau the new Marlborough?

New Zealand may not produce as much wine as other countries and regions (in 2010 they had less vineyard space than Bordeaux despite being at over 5 times the size) but that hasn’t stopped New Zealand creating a classic from it’s southern island, the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. What’s so special about Marlborough? As with every wine, the final product is influenced by climate, soil types, nutrients and rainfall, as well as the areas wine-making techniques. In the case of Marlborough the temperature varies widely from day and night, allowing the grapes to... Read More


Is My Wine Vegan?

Summertime is here, and with it comes swathes of food and drinks festivals around the country. Last weekend the Pip Crew payed a visit to Newcastle Vegan Festival, our third vegan food fair of the summer. Once again we were met by amazement and the usual question…. I thought wine was made from grapes! How come it’s not all vegan? Wine IS made from grapes, what decides whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or not is the fining process. Fining is what winemakers do to filter out the impurities in the wine which... Read More

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Wedding Wine – The perfect partner deserves the perfect wine.

I have only recently took the leap to marriage by asking my partners hand in marriage. In most peoples eyes this would be a fairy tail situation where all your dreams come true. Now with this in part being correct, the wedding planning, organisation and money issues do seem to drown out some of that ‘cloud 9’ feeling. However, lets not be negative. This is an exciting time for everyone involved and should be an enjoyable experience for both parties. We at The Pip Stop feel a fun and stress free... Read More


The facts behind the supposed “World Prosecco Shortage”

Shock, horror, disaster! The media is reporting a near apocalyptic shortage of Prosecco leading into the summer due to issues with this year’s grape crop. But just how big IS this supposed crisis? This week we’re going to use our blog to shed a bit of light on the situation. The Source The whole issue is emanating from an interview with Robert Cremonese, export manager for high quality Prosecco specialists Bisol, who told the drinks business that Prosecco’s wine regions have experienced a lot more rainfall, with storms hitting vineyards across the... Read More


New Arrivals from McPherson’s Wine Company

The weather in the North East is unpredictable at best so this week we aim to bring a bit of sunshine to your table. We’re bringing Australia to you with our four new wines all the way from Victoria. Southern Australia is arguably the heart of Australia’s Wine industry, crushing almost half of the country’s growing output and Victoria is the most interesting, dynamic and varied of Australia’s wine states. These are our pick of the bunch this week, with four offerings from the McPherson Winery showing the style and... Read More


The Pip Stop: Developing a Brand

A vintage car themed wine range. This was the idea we started with to help launch our new store, housed in a former classic car garage. We wanted a house range completely unique to The Pip Stop, and the possibilities were endless. With our parent company being one of the largest bottlers in the UK, this was certainly achievable, but required some careful thought. What era do we take inspiration from? How do we keep the brand appealing to all demographics? How do we avoid this becoming more about cars than wine? How do we... Read More