Our Pick of Non-Scottish Single Malts

With world whisky day just around the corner we’re giving you an insight into some of our favourite whiskies from outside of Scotland. Paul John Brilliance Distilled in Goa, India using barley from the foothills of the Himalayas, the Brilliance is the flagship whisky from Paul John distillers. Totally free of peat this whisky somehow manages to maintain a full bodied viscosity. Matured in ex bourbon barrels this is effectively a scotch whisky in all but location. It’s no stranger to awards either with the Liquid Gold Award by Jim... Read More


Is The Gin Bubble About To Burst?

In this week’s blog we’re looking at the drinks trend of the decade that just won’t seem to go away. We’re talking of course, about Gin. It’s something we’re asked about on a fairly regular basis, and the short answer is…probably not. Things are constantly looking up in the world of gin, however we can’t ignore the fact that Brexit looms. Drink less, drink better In the UK there are over 300 gin distilleries, and more in the London area than there were in the UK in 2010. With people... Read More


Our Take on the Trends: Gin-nastics

The world of gin has exploded in the past 3 years and we wanted to find out why. In this edition of our blog we had resident booze geek Dave look behind the trend. Why is Gin so popular? The main cause behind the boom is simply down to quality. Small batch distillers are producing amazing gins consistently. This is why we’re seeing so many more brands on the shelves. With more small batch and artisan distillers out there, customers have more choice. The second reason is the rise of... Read More

TRYanuary 23/01/2018
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Our Top 6 for Tryanuary

Jog on Dry January! Here at The Pip Stop we love trying new and exciting products. We’ve put together our top 6 for TRYanuary; incorporating up and coming products, new ranges and some trends to watch for 2018. Up and Coming Picpoul de Pinet For those who like: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio One of the rare varietal wines from Southern France, this single grape wine from the Languedoc is a simple wine with a refreshing lemon acidity. The UK enjoys around 37% of all of the Picpoul produced in the... Read More

National rum day 16/08/2017

The Rise of Rum | We Celebrate National Rum Day

In celebration of national rum day we wanted to have a look at the revival of the biggest thing to come out of the Caribbean since Jack Sparrow CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. What is Rum? Rum is a spirit made from sugar cane. Sugar cane is cut, stripped and pressed to extract the juice. This can then be fermented, creating a grassier more pungent spirit known as Rhum Agricole. The juice can also be boiled. This promotes sugar crystalisation and creates a syrup which is referred to as molasses. This has to be diluted... Read More

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6 Flippin’ Great Drinks To Match With Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday or, as it’s known here at The Pip Stop, Pancake Day is here and it got us thinking, what could you drink with your evening treats? We’ve been racking our brains and here are our 6 choice tipples (along with a couple of recipe tips) to give February’s greatest holiday a bit of oomph. 1: Pancakes With Nutella and Chocolate Stout A favourite of chocolate lovers worldwide this is a perfect match for a deep and luscious chocolate based stout. The depth of flavour in the beer won’t be... Read More


Which is the Gin for your Tonic?

World Gin day might have just passed on Saturday 13th June but the Gin craze hasn’t stopped yet at the Pip Stop. We’ve got the perfect gift set that every Gin Lover needs which includes 70 cl Durham Gin, an Adore-A-Bottle glass lemon slicing board with knife and 2x 125ml Fentiman’s Tonic. And it doesn’t stop there… We’ve also got some fab new Gins in store which are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds. The question is, which is the Gin for your tonic? Well we can help you with that!... Read More


It’s cocktail time….

Summer is peeking it’s head around the corner which can mean only one thing, garden parties, barbeques and, the staple of them all, cocktails. We know everyone loves something a little different in the summer, whether its a refreshing gin and tonic, a mellow rum punch or even a crisp whiskey sour, so we’ve chosen some delightful new spirits to fuel your summer. From the traditional gins and bourbons to your spiced rums and blended whiskies you’ll find the perfect focal point for your own taste of summer. Staff favourites: Fireball... Read More