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TRYanuary 23/01/2018
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Our Top 6 for Tryanuary

Jog on Dry January! Here at The Pip Stop we love trying new and exciting products. We’ve put together our top 6 for TRYanuary; incorporating up and coming products, new ranges and some trends to watch for 2018. Up and Coming Picpoul de Pinet For those who like: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio One of the rare varietal wines from Southern France, this single grape wine from the Languedoc is a simple wine with a refreshing lemon acidity. The UK enjoys around 37% of all of the Picpoul produced in the... Read More


A step by step guide to food and beer pairing

Food and wine matching is something that has baffled the population for years and with the explosion that is the craft beer revolution the pairing of beer and food is causing the same confusion. As always we’re on hand to help you out. This week’s blog is your handy guide on matching food and beer to set your tastebuds popping. Strong food needs a strong beer Strong in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol, and in the case of curry definitely doesn’t. A light and delicate fish dish would be more suited... Read More


Craft Beer Revolution: Introducing Marble, Alphabet and Drygate

We love a beer here at The Pip Stop so we thought we’d introduce you to the breweries behind our latest acquisitions. Introducing Marble Brewing, Alphabet Brewing and Drygate Brewery. Marble Brewing Based in Manchester and housed underneath the arches on Thomas Street Marble has gone from strength to strength since opening up in the back of the Marble Arch pub. As well as making great beer in it’s own right, available in store in the form of the “Earl Grey IPA” and the “Pint”, head brewer James Kemp has... Read More

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Trick Or Treat! Our Top 5 Spooky Halloween Products

Halloween is the time where we like to have a little fun, with parties and practical jokes galore. We’re no different here at The Pip Stop which is why we’ve put together this list of our top five spooky products to get your Halloween party going in style. TRICK – Durham Brewery Hellfire – £4.49 Definitely a winter warmer. The deliciously bold flavours of Durham Brewery’s Russian Stout colliding with Naga and Mullato chilli for a cacophony of bite. It pours a luxurious black with heady aromas of coffee, before making way for treacle... Read More

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6 Flippin’ Great Drinks To Match With Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday or, as it’s known here at The Pip Stop, Pancake Day is here and it got us thinking, what could you drink with your evening treats? We’ve been racking our brains and here are our 6 choice tipples (along with a couple of recipe tips) to give February’s greatest holiday a bit of oomph. 1: Pancakes With Nutella and Chocolate Stout A favourite of chocolate lovers worldwide this is a perfect match for a deep and luscious chocolate based stout. The depth of flavour in the beer won’t be... Read More


WunderBEER! Our guide to Oktoberfest.

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed our nice little selection of specialist Oktoberfest beers. Naturally we’ve been getting questions about these tasty new additions so this week, we’re going to use the blog to answer the most frequently asked. What IS Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest, confusingly held in September, is the world’s biggest public festival, dating back to the early 1800’s. It’s steeped in tradition, from the location in Bavaria where it is still held to this day, right down to the costumes and, of course, the beer. The festival began... Read More


Craft Beer Explained

The recent surge in craft beer across the UK has left us giddy with happiness, gleefully bounding from bar to bar in search of new favourites. Here at the Pip Stop we boast a range of over 80 local and international beers, with more new brews arriving every month! Sometimes though, the terminology can get a bit confusing so we’ve created this handy guide for those of us who struggle to tell between the Porters and the Pilsners. What the hell IS craft beer? Craft beer is the term we give to beer... Read More