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Our Trip to Durham Brewery #pipstopontour

In this week’s blog we thought we’d shine some light on one of our favourite suppliers, and one of the best breweries in the country, The Durham Brewery. For years we’ve been hearing great things about the tour at their site in Bowburn so we thought we’d pop down and check it out. The Brewery Durham Brewery is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year and in those 25 years the ethos of the business remains the same. Great beer, made properly, on site. Every batch goes from ingredients to package... Read More


2019’s Big Breakthrough Hops: 4 Top Additions to Watch Out For

Its a hard job trying to stay ahead of the curve where craft beers are concerned. Here at The Pip Stop we’re always trying to keep an eye on interesting new trends to bring your way. So whether you’re trying to find the next big thing or just want to try new things here are 4 up and coming hops to watch out for. El Dorado This is less a breakthrough hop and more something that is finally getting the recognition it deserves. El Dorado has been slowly building a... Read More


Top-of-the-Hops: How to Become a Brewmaster

This week’s blog comes courtesy of our guest blogger Dakota Murphey with a bit of advice for all of the budding brewers among you. Beer. Just reading the word alone is enough to make some people’s mouths salivate. It’s most men’s favourite drink, a close second behind dogs as man’s best friend, and the perfect accompaniment to sunny weather and cold winter evenings. Let’s face it, it’s one of the best inventions ever made. It’s no surprise then that the craft beer movement has been consistently growing and growing year... Read More


Who to Look For at This Summer’s Beer Festivals

Summer is here (supposedly) and that can mean only one thing, beer festivals. Lots and lots of beer festivals. Now these can be confusing. There’s dozens of stands, each with a handful of beers on, how do you choose? Well as always, we’re here to help. Here are some breweries to look out for when you’re wandering around your nearest beer festival this summer. Donzoko Brewing Company Hartlepool based Donzoko Brewing Company have made quite a splash over the course of the past 12 months. Could this be a new... Read More


Est. 2019: Happy New Beer!

This year marks the birth of our brand new (as yet unnamed) brewery. With multiple contest winning Head Brewer Alex Redpath at the helm, we are in the process of creating and developing all kinds of delicious new recipes for your drinking pleasure. We are expecting delivery of our enormous 20BBL (3000L!) brewhouse in July. Coupled with a new canning line and some snazzy decor, we’re aiming to open our brewery and taproom in the autumn. While the fruits of our labour aren’t in cans just yet, you CAN try... Read More


A history of beer: 5 steps of brewing evolution

We love a beer. Actually that’s not true, we love several beers (while still being drinkaware of course). As today is International Beer Day we thought we’d take a look at what we like to think of as the 5 ages of beer. In the beginning…. So far as we can tell brewing originated back in Lower Mesopotamia in the 5th millenia BCE. The soil here was great for wild grains which the settlers gathered for food, and then beer. The beer element seems to have came along by accident, as... Read More

Monday Beer 23/07/2018

Our Top 3 “Monday Beers”

Last week we read a delightful little article by The Takeout. It explained the concept of the Monday Beer and we think it’s potentially the most important drink of the week. What the hell’s a “Monday Beer”? The article explains the Monday night beer as the cold one you reward yourself with for getting through another Monday. It’s light, refreshing and won’t give you a pounding headache come Tuesday morning. We liked the idea, but then we had a little disagreement in the office about just what is the best... Read More


5 Points on the Beavertown Buyout

For those of you who’ve been on holiday, or living under a rock we have an unfortunate announcement. It pains us to say that Beavertown have sold a reported 49% stake to Heineken for £40million. In this week’s blog we’re going to have a look over what’s happened and what it means for the titanic brand. So what’s the craic? The minority stake was sold in exchange for investment in Beavertown’s dream facility ‘Beaverworld’. This new attraction would allow production of 450,000 hectolitres and create 150 jobs. Have they sold... Read More


Is Crowdfunding the Future of the Brewing Industry

In this week’s blog we ask the question, is crowdfunding the future of the brewing industry? We’ve seen Equity for Punks take Brewdog from two men and a dog in Aberdeen, to now opening their latest facility in Brisbane. Now Northern Monk are on the uptake. They plan to boost their turnover by 300% over the next three years. They call this the Northern Rising. What’s their plan? Northern Monk plan to raise over half a million pounds in investment. This will fund: A new canning line Enough new fermenting vessels to... Read More


Join the Dark Side. The Rise of Craft Stouts and Porters

The craft beer scene has seen a marked rise in the popularity of darker beers in recent years, with trends looking like they’re going to skyrocket. Our resident lover of the darker stuff Jen, has been thinking about just why this is. What’s happening with craft brewing at the moment? More and more breweries are beginning to experiment with the flavours in darker styles of beer. For example you can get marshmallow, coconut and mocha flavoured porters as well as chocolate and treacle flavoured stouts. There is also some experimentation... Read More