5 Hanging Wine Glass Racks That Will Look Good In Any Kitchen

This article was originally published at Every good scout knows that it’s important to always be prepared. Here at The Pip Stop we think the same principles should be applied to wine. Getting the right glassware is really important. Do it right, and you get the best out of the aromas and flavours of your wine. You always want to know how many glasses you have at your disposal, as well as their shape and size. We can’t all have a dedicated wine cellar so we have to make do... Read More

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Personalised Wines Now Available!!

We’ve been gearing up for this one for a long time and now they’re finally here! Our personalised label service is ready and waiting for you for any special occasion. Need a gift that says that little bit extra? How about a thank you for a bridesmaid or best man? Our labels are fit for your every need, and with more designs and ideas on the way, you’re bound to find the perfect match. At just £8.99 for every personalised bottle how can you say no? Getting your wine personalised... Read More


Wine Matching: How to get the best wine for your meal

It’s that time of the year again when spontaneous barbecues are imminent. You want to impress your guests but you’re struggling to decide just which wines to choose! Here at the pip stop we’ve got you covered. As well as having our staff on hand to help you create the ideal wine list when in store, we’ve also designed these handy gizmos for you to take home! As well as creating our decoders for you, here are 5 tips to make sure that your wine and food don’t clash. 5... Read More