6 Flippin’ Great Drinks To Match With Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday or, as it’s known here at The Pip Stop, Pancake Day is here and it got us thinking, what could you drink with your evening treats?

We’ve been racking our brains and here are our 6 choice tipples (along with a couple of recipe tips) to give February’s greatest holiday a bit of oomph.

1: Pancakes With Nutella and Chocolate Stout

A favourite of chocolate lovers worldwide this is a perfect match for a deep and luscious chocolate based stout. The depth of flavour in the beer won’t be muscled over by the chocolate spread and will provide a nice contrast to a light, crepe-style pancake.

We love the Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout from Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. You guys repeatedly tell us that this is the best chocolate stout in the world and we’re inclined to agree.

Recipe tip: Add some sweet fruit like strawberries or banana to the pancake topping and pretend it’s healthy! One of your 5-a-day.

2: Crepe Suzette and a Gin and Tonic

This citrusy gem is perfect with a crisp, refreshing G&T. The gin cuts through the intense sweetness of the syrup and refreshes the palate wonderfully for the next mouthful, as well as blending with the flavours of the pancake in the mouth. No need to add a lemon wedge to your cocktail!

Our pick for this would be the Malfy Gin. Notoriously Dave’s favourite, this gin features it’s own little lemon backbone making it the perfect match for a citrus based dish. Add to that some Fever Tree Lemon Tonic and pour over ice and you’re good to go.

Recipe tip: Heat the sugar for the syrup VERY gently and don’t stir it. The caramel will happen, just be patient.

3. Traditional Pancakes with Maple/Golden Syrup and a dessert wine

Another one for those with a sweet tooth. This classic recipe is an ideal match for any number of dessert wines, as the sweetness in the wine won’t be bullied by the sweetness in the syrup. A botrytised sweet wine will go with either, but particulary with maple syrup as the fruity flavours will compliment each other well.

Our pick for this would be the Deen De Bortoli Vat 5 Botrytis Semillon. The apricot, citrus and marmalade flavours of the wine will add a jammy depth to the classic pancake without seeming pushed aside.

Recipe tip: Don’t flip your pancakes too early. If it’s still bubbling the mixture isn’t cooked through properly and will smear. Wait until the bubbles pop and leave air holes in the surface and then flip.

4. Green Pesto and Goats Cheese Pancakes with Sauvignon Blanc

A nice savoury herby pancake with a delicious added creaminess from the goats cheese. With this we recommend a Sauvignon Blanc.

Now there are two schools of thought regarding this match: the goats cheese in this requires a fruity wine akin to a New Zealand Sauvignon, whereas the herby pesto element leans more towards an old world style with more grassy notes.

We’ve gone with the best of both worlds and chosen our Dancing Flame Sauvignon Blanc, a fruity wine with a good herby backbone and a tasty minerality to compliment the herbs.

Recipe tip: Use jar pesto. not only is it just as good as any you would make at home, it’s cheaper, less faff and less washing up!

5. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Carmenere

This is a classic in the states and often what springs immediately to mind when thinking of the great American breakfast. A stack of thick fluffy pancakes with streaky bacon, an egg and luscious maple syrup. With this we recommend something robust and full bodied with a level of tannin that will stand up to the salt in the bacon but enough residual sugar to compliment the syrup.

We’ve gone with the Falernia Reserve Carmenere, a very full bodied and well rounded Chilean Carmenere. The body and tannin of this wine will stand up well to the salt and fat in the bacon and egg while complimenting the sweetness in the syrup and the pancakes with it’s luscious vanilla and chocolate notes.

Recipe Tip: For fluffy American Style pancakes, rather than crepes, use baking soda that is less than six months old and DON’T OVER BEAT OR REST THE BATTER. Mix, and use. The baking soda starts it’s work as soon as it’s added. If you leave it too long it will have stopped working and your pancakes will be dense. If you over beat the batter you release the flour will release it’s gluten and you’ll get chewy pancakes. Mix until everything’s incorporated but don’t fuss too much over a couple of lumps.

6. Fruit pancakes with Fruit Wine

Last but not least a fruity entry. Fruit pancakes, whether it be dried fruit incorporated into the batter of American style pancakes or crepes served with the fruit of your choice, will have an added sweetness and for that we need a fruit wine.

Now we’ve got a few of those to choose from here at The Pip Stop so we’d recommend theming it alongside the fruit you’re using. Going with raisins? Why not try our Black Malt and Raisin Fruit Wine? Orange pancakes? How about a little Ginger Wine? Forest fruits? Sounds like Blackberry and Apple could be just the one for you. The combinations are endless.

Recipe tip: Don’t stir the fruit into the batter. Add 3/4 of the batter for that pancake to the pan, add the fruit and then pour some more batter on top of the fruit to seal them in. This prevents the fruit from discolouring the batter AND keeps the fruit from burning.

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