5 Weeks Till Launch!

Our opening date of the 15th April is coming up fast with lots still to do lets hope we can make it! The brickwork is now fully complete and next weeks tasks are to add the final level of flooring, attach the new roof and the best bit, crash our purpose built Mini through the wall. Not only that but most of our fantastic bespoke barrel tasting counter/till is complete.

Big thanks to Shotley Joinery for all their work on the counter, it couldn’t have looked any better! The idea behind the cylindrical barrel bar is that it can act as not only a serving station for wine but also as the till on the opposite side. This allows greater control for staff and a full view of the store as a whole. Not only that but it looks incredible and will certainly be one of our major feature pieces. We look forward to the final touches being made and new photos will follow.

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