2019’s Big Breakthrough Hops: 4 Top Additions to Watch Out For

Its a hard job trying to stay ahead of the curve where craft beers are concerned. Here at The Pip Stop we’re always trying to keep an eye on interesting new trends to bring your way.

So whether you’re trying to find the next big thing or just want to try new things here are 4 up and coming hops to watch out for.

El Dorado

This is less a breakthrough hop and more something that is finally getting the recognition it deserves. El Dorado has been slowly building a presence over the past couple of years but in the last 12-18 months its been one of the go-tos for the likes of Wylam, Northern Monk and Verdant.

El Dorado is an American hop which originated in Washington state. Like many American hops there is a distinctly fruity aroma character but also grassy, herby notes.

This makes it perfect for IPAs and, as the summer heats up, that’s exactly what many are after so keep your eyes peeled.


Strata is another one for the dank IPA lovers. Born in Oregon as X-331 this hop impressed growers with its hardiness.

As it’s very resistant to disease and grows vigorously there was a sizeable crop of juicy buds with complex aromas. Big dank hops aromas feature heavily with a definitive passion fruit and strawberry flavour and a grapefruit zestiness.

As its a great partner for Mosaic and Ekuanot we wouldn’t be surprised to see it used a lot over the next few months.

Idaho 7

Three guesses where this one comes from (hint: it’s not Ohio). Idaho 7 is a pungent tropical hop.

Pineapple, peach, papaya and a whole host of other tropical fruits not necessarily beginning with P are showcased here. I7 isn’t one trick pony, however as there is a resinous pine and black tea backbone there to be reckoned with.

It’s another one that’s crying out for use in an IPA, potentially even a big DIPA to compliment some Simcoe (like the Wylam x North Brew x Track Brewing Collab “NLM“). Perhaps even a Witbier for something a little out of left field? Keep an eye out.


Sabro is the final hop in our little list and it’s the most versatile with regards to styles it lends itself to. Whereas the rest are big IPA hitters, Sabro also stands up well in porters, stouts and fruit beers.

The headlining characteristic of a fresh Sabro-led beer is an intense Pina Colada flavour. This hop displays a lot of coconut and tropical fruit when young and fresh.

If the beer ages a little, however, and these characteristics fade there is a herbal character that comes through. Grassy anise, dill-like flavours become the order of the day.

Wylam experimented with this in their recent collaboration with DeyaThere’s Nothing Wrong With Dreaming” a delightful orange wit that played on the addition of background tropical fruit and coconut from the DDH Sabro additions.

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