December 2019

#Winequestions: What is the best way to store wine?

So Christmas has been and gone and some very lovely people have decided to gift you a really nice bottle of wine. Smashing! The thing is, storing wine isn’t all that simple. Sure the wine rack in the kitchen is ok for something bought on thursday to drink at the weekend but not for anything long term. This week we’ve teamed up with Elite Wine Refrigeration to discuss the issues raised around wine storage. As consumers we know a lot about how to drink wine but when it comes to... Read More


What are the best wines for Christmas day?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. A time where food and family take centre stage, and we’re no different here at The Pip Stop. We’ve done blogs around food and wine matching in the past to try and put you on the right track but this is different. We’ve taken the most popular recipes from BBC Good Food for Christmas starters, mains and desserts and paired them with our pick of the bunch. So, without further ado, lets get cracking! Starters Smoked salmon with prawns, horseradish cream &... Read More


Top New Zealand Wines That Aren’t Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are by far and away our best-selling wines. In fact the Waka Taua and Waverider Sauvignons alone make up 3% of our turnover. Why is New Zealand Sauvignon so good? New Zealand only really came onto the world wine scene in the 1970’s. Since then it’s trademark expressions of Sauvignon Blanc have taken the world by storm. With being so young, New Zealand’s winemaking has championed modern techniques. This means that kiwi wines are often characterised by how fresh and bright they are, with a really... Read More