October 2019

#winequestions – What Temperature Should Wine Be Served and Stored?

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis, especially with reds. In this week’s blog we’re exploring how temperature effects wine from the cellar to the glass. What difference does it make? Temperature makes a huge difference to the way a wine tastes and how well it keeps. On the storage side if wine is stored too cold for too long corks can harden, too hot and the wine will become more tannic, astringent and tangy. How should my wine be stored? Carefully is the short answer.... Read More


#winequestions – What’s the deal with Rioja?

Riojan wines are some of the most popular, and oftentimes most confusing, wines on the shelf. Between confusing the region for a grape variety and not really knowing which age statements are preferred it can be a bit of a minefield from a customer point of view if you’re not confident in what you like. In this week’s blog we’re going to be decyphering the labels a bit to help make Rioja a bit easier to understand. Where is it? The region, or rather 3 regions, which make up Rioja... Read More