January 2019


Top 6 Vegan Wines: Beyond Veganuary

If you managed to complete Veganuary this year then congratulations! For those of you wanting to carry the trend into the rest of the year, we’ve got some wine suggestions! Wine is often fined with something called isinglass, which is an enzyme taken from fish intestines, or sometimes using eggs or milk. Vegan wines, however are fined using other things, such as carbon, to achieve the same result while remaining free of animal products. We stock dozens of vegan wines here at The Pip Stop and we’ve drawn up a... Read More


Est. 2019: Happy New Beer!

This year marks the birth of our brand new (as yet unnamed) brewery. With multiple contest winning Head Brewer Alex Redpath at the helm, we are in the process of creating and developing all kinds of delicious new recipes for your drinking pleasure. We are expecting delivery of our enormous 20BBL (3000L!) brewhouse in July. Coupled with a new canning line and some snazzy decor, we’re aiming to open our brewery and taproom in the autumn. While the fruits of our labour aren’t in cans just yet, you CAN try... Read More