July 2018

Monday Beer 23/07/2018

Our Top 3 “Monday Beers”

Last week we read a delightful little article by The Takeout. It explained the concept of the Monday Beer and we think it’s potentially the most important drink of the week. What the hell’s a “Monday Beer”? The article explains the Monday night beer as the cold one you reward yourself with for getting through another Monday. It’s light, refreshing and won’t give you a pounding headache come Tuesday morning. We liked the idea, but then we had a little disagreement in the office about just what is the best... Read More


5 Points on the Beavertown Buyout

For those of you who’ve been on holiday, or living under a rock we have an unfortunate announcement. It pains us to say that Beavertown have sold a reported 49% stake to Heineken for £40million. In this week’s blog we’re going to have a look over what’s happened and what it means for the titanic brand. So what’s the craic? The minority stake was sold in exchange for investment in Beavertown’s dream facility ‘Beaverworld’. This new attraction would allow production of 450,000 hectolitres and create 150 jobs. Have they sold... Read More