June 2018


Our Take on the Trends: Gin-nastics

The world of gin has exploded in the past 3 years and we wanted to find out why. In this edition of our blog we had resident booze geek Dave look behind the trend. Why is Gin so popular? The main cause behind the boom is simply down to quality. Small batch distillers are producing amazing gins consistently. This is why we’re seeing so many more brands on the shelves. With more small batch and artisan distillers out there, customers have more choice. The second reason is the rise of... Read More


Is Crowdfunding the Future of the Brewing Industry

In this week’s blog we ask the question, is crowdfunding the future of the brewing industry? We’ve seen Equity for Punks take Brewdog from two men and a dog in Aberdeen, to now opening their latest facility in Brisbane. Now Northern Monk are on the uptake. They plan to boost their turnover by 300% over the next three years. They call this the Northern Rising. What’s their plan? Northern Monk plan to raise over half a million pounds in investment. This will fund: A new canning line Enough new fermenting vessels to... Read More