March 2018


Join the Dark Side. The Rise of Craft Stouts and Porters

The craft beer scene has seen a marked rise in the popularity of darker beers in recent years, with trends looking like they’re going to skyrocket. Our resident lover of the darker stuff Jen, has been thinking about just why this is. What’s happening with craft brewing at the moment? More and more breweries are beginning to experiment with the flavours in darker styles of beer. For example you can get marshmallow, coconut and mocha flavoured porters as well as chocolate and treacle flavoured stouts. There is also some experimentation... Read More


Meet The Team – Benjamin Cleary, General Manager

It’s time to meet the founder of our quirky venture, and the one who keeps pushing us to be better, Ben Cleary. How would you sum up your background in a tweet? I’m born and bred from within a mile of The Pip Stop. I studied Business Management at University in Leeds and joined the Majestic Wines Graduate Scheme straight after. I left once I was appointed Manager to join the family business, the wine trade! What’s the best drink advice you’ve ever received? This advice surprised me and I... Read More