5 Hanging Wine Glass Racks That Will Look Good In Any Kitchen

This article was originally published at Every good scout knows that it’s important to always be prepared. Here at The Pip Stop we think the same principles should be applied to wine. Getting the right glassware is really important. Do it right, and you get the best out of the aromas and flavours of your wine. You always want to know how many glasses you have at your disposal, as well as their shape and size. We can’t all have a dedicated wine cellar so we have to make do... Read More

6 Spooky Cocktails To Get In The ‘Spirit’ This Halloween

Halloween is a great excuse to have a night on the tiles or a fun party with friends. While it’s still not as popular in the UK as it is in the US, Dave gets excited every year. This year we’ve let him loose with some cocktail recommendations to keep you in the spirit of the season. Blood Orange Sangria This recipe is incredible and a known crowd pleaser. You can make it the night before and in bulk so there’s no need for long mixology sessions every time you... Read More


4 Key Points About the English Wine Renaissance

It’s local wine week this week. Here at The Pip Stop we like to keep things local when we can. In this week’s blog we’re going to be having a look back at the rise of the English Wine industry, and the reason it’s becoming a key player on the world stage. The Backstory Vineyards were originally introduced to the UK by the Romans and then cultivated by the saxons. Despite this it was the Norman invaders that really helped kick off British Viticulture. The Domesday book even recorded 40... Read More


4 Hidden Gems of Italian Wine

Italian wine is often boiled down to Prosecco, Chianti, Pinot Grigio, Asti and Moscato. This is not something we can let lie! Oh no, in this week’s blog we’re getting Dave to delve behind the scenes of Italian wine making and come out with some amazing techniques and styles. Look for the natives Italy is full of native wine varieties so you don’t need to jump on the Chardonnays and the Sauvignons. This is especially true for white wine. Although you CAN get Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and a... Read More

Packaging Craft Beer: Is Bottling Best, or are Cans the Future?

When the craft beer scene first crept onto the UK bar scene, drinkers had once choice: to enjoy on draft or to pick something else. Slowly but surely, pub fridges and supermarket shelves became stacked with craft varieties, and now you can find bottles emblazoned with bright labels and quirky branding everywhere. You may have noticed recent changes in the tide though, as those ubiquitous brown bottles are slowly being replaced by a sleek, silver alternative. Once the territory of bland lagers from big beer brands, it seems that many... Read More


4 Reasons to fall in love with Pinot Noir!

It’s international Pinot Noir day tomorrow and we reckon it’s about time someone was shouting about just how good it is. With that in mind, here are our reasons why it should be in your glass right now! It doesn’t have to be red Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s a black grape, it makes a red wine. Not only does it make a red wine it’s one of the most well known red grapes in the world, sort it out Pip Stop! Oh ye of little faith! Pinot... Read More


A history of beer: 5 steps of brewing evolution

We love a beer. Actually that’s not true, we love several beers (while still being drinkaware of course). As today is International Beer Day we thought we’d take a look at what we like to think of as the 5 ages of beer. In the beginning…. So far as we can tell brewing originated back in Lower Mesopotamia in the 5th millenia BCE. The soil here was great for wild grains which the settlers gathered for food, and then beer. The beer element seems to have came along by accident, as... Read More

Monday Beer 23/07/2018

Our Top 3 “Monday Beers”

Last week we read a delightful little article by The Takeout. It explained the concept of the Monday Beer and we think it’s potentially the most important drink of the week. What the hell’s a “Monday Beer”? The article explains the Monday night beer as the cold one you reward yourself with for getting through another Monday. It’s light, refreshing and won’t give you a pounding headache come Tuesday morning. We liked the idea, but then we had a little disagreement in the office about just what is the best... Read More


5 Points on the Beavertown Buyout

For those of you who’ve been on holiday, or living under a rock we have an unfortunate announcement. It pains us to say that Beavertown have sold a reported 49% stake to Heineken for £40million. In this week’s blog we’re going to have a look over what’s happened and what it means for the titanic brand. So what’s the craic? The minority stake was sold in exchange for investment in Beavertown’s dream facility ‘Beaverworld’. This new attraction would allow production of 450,000 hectolitres and create 150 jobs. Have they sold... Read More


Our Take on the Trends: Gin-nastics

The world of gin has exploded in the past 3 years and we wanted to find out why. In this edition of our blog we had resident booze geek Dave look behind the trend. Why is Gin so popular? The main cause behind the boom is simply down to quality. Small batch distillers are producing amazing gins consistently. This is why we’re seeing so many more brands on the shelves. With more small batch and artisan distillers out there, customers have more choice. The second reason is the rise of... Read More