National rum day 16/08/2017

The Rise of Rum | We Celebrate National Rum Day

In celebration of national rum day we wanted to have a look at the revival of the biggest thing to come out of the Caribbean since Jack Sparrow CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. What is Rum? Rum is a spirit made from sugar cane. Sugar cane is cut, stripped and pressed to extract the juice. This can then be fermented, creating a grassier more pungent spirit known as Rhum Agricole. The juice can also be boiled. This promotes sugar crystalisation and creates a syrup which is referred to as molasses. This has to be diluted... Read More

wine and food matching 10/08/2017

The ins and outs of Food Matching Wine

Finding food matching harder than you’d thought? One of the most common question groups we’re asked is what to pair with what. We’re here to help with our handy guide to the ins and outs of food matching. Debunking the myths There are all sorts of myths around wine and food matching. When pairing wine with food a lot of ‘rules’ as to what not to do have developed over time. As the complex reasons were simplified they became warped, like a big game of Chinese Whispers. Generally, personal preference will... Read More


A step by step guide to food and beer pairing

Food and wine matching is something that has baffled the population for years and with the explosion that is the craft beer revolution the pairing of beer and food is causing the same confusion. As always we’re on hand to help you out. This week’s blog is your handy guide on matching food and beer to set your tastebuds popping. Strong food needs a strong beer Strong in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol, and in the case of curry definitely doesn’t. A light and delicate fish dish would be more suited... Read More


Craft Beer Revolution: Introducing Marble, Alphabet and Drygate

We love a beer here at The Pip Stop so we thought we’d introduce you to the breweries behind our latest acquisitions. Introducing Marble Brewing, Alphabet Brewing and Drygate Brewery. Marble Brewing Based in Manchester and housed underneath the arches on Thomas Street Marble has gone from strength to strength since opening up in the back of the Marble Arch pub. As well as making great beer in it’s own right, available in store in the form of the “Earl Grey IPA” and the “Pint”, head brewer James Kemp has... Read More

How long does wine last? 22/01/2017

#Winequestions: How long does wine last?

This week in our #winequestions blog we’re tackling how long wine lasts. We’ll look at how long it will keep when you’ve opened it, and also how long you can keep a sealed bottle in the cellar. Here at The Pip Stop we like to encourage responsible drinking so if you do open that bottle, this is how long you have before it goes bad. How long does wine last when opened? The length of time a wine can be open depends on the type and style. It also depends on how... Read More


#WineQuestions: Is it true that wines with corks are better?

Over the past couple of years we’ve been asked our fair share of wine questions, some of them very niche and specific, and some that seem to be playing on everybody’s lips. In this weekly blog series we thought we’d attempt to tackle some of the most common questions we get about the world of wine, this week “Are wines with corks better?” Is it true that wines with corks are better? The closure used on a wine if often down to the traditions of the winemaking area, the costs involved... Read More