February 2015


Renovation of our vintage garage

We are now half way through the refurbishment of our vintage car garage! Given the history of the building, we feel it would be a shame to lose its heritage, as it is well known in the local area. Within 6 weeks we have relayed foundations, cleared all of the old offices, fittings and junk, giving us room for half a new floor and new interior walls, built from red brick, housing the buildings first insulation and creating a clean yet industrial feel to the space. Next job will be to finish the flooring, clean up the roof, and install the... Read More


The Pip Stop: Developing a Brand

A vintage car themed wine range. This was the idea we started with to help launch our new store, housed in a former classic car garage. We wanted a house range completely unique to The Pip Stop, and the possibilities were endless. With our parent company being one of the largest bottlers in the UK, this was certainly achievable, but required some careful thought. What era do we take inspiration from? How do we keep the brand appealing to all demographics? How do we avoid this becoming more about cars than wine? How do we... Read More