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Meet the Team – Conor Derrick, Trainee Assistant Manager

Now it’s time to meet the newest member of our team. Friendly and a fast learner, it’s our Trainee Assistant Manager Conor Derrick. How would you sum up your background in a tweet? I graduated from Northumbria University and worked as a PE teacher prior to travelling around America and Canada where I got to tour the some ‘big name’ breweries and distilleries. I started working for The Pip Stop’s pop up shop in the Metro Centre last October before moving to the Maiden Law branch in the New Year.... Read More


Three Cheers For Malbec! It’s World Malbec Day

In this week’s blog we’re celebrating World Malbec Day. As part of our month of offers and tastings for World Malbec Month we talk to our GM Ben Cleary about why Malbec is so popular. Why do you think Malbec is so popular? I think it’s down to two things really. Firstly, prices on Malbec were excellent and you were getting a great quality wine at a strong price. Unfortunately, this is changing this year with bulk prices almost doubling so it’s likely we will see a rise in something... Read More


Meet the Team – David Smith, Assistant Manager

It’s time to meet another member of our team. This week it’s our Assistant Manager, and fountain of obscure knowledge, David Smith. How would you sum up your background in a tweet? I’m a Teesside University Journalism graduate from Peterlee with a work background in e-commerce websites and content creation. I’ve also done my fair share of home brewing and French winery tours on family holidays and in between trips to foreign heavy metal festivals. What’s the best drink advice you’ve ever received? Adding a drop of water to whisky.... Read More


Join the Dark Side. The Rise of Craft Stouts and Porters

The craft beer scene has seen a marked rise in the popularity of darker beers in recent years, with trends looking like they’re going to skyrocket. Our resident lover of the darker stuff Jen, has been thinking about just why this is. What’s happening with craft brewing at the moment? More and more breweries are beginning to experiment with the flavours in darker styles of beer. For example you can get marshmallow, coconut and mocha flavoured porters as well as chocolate and treacle flavoured stouts. There is also some experimentation... Read More


Meet The Team – Benjamin Cleary, General Manager

It’s time to meet the founder of our quirky venture, and the one who keeps pushing us to be better, Ben Cleary. How would you sum up your background in a tweet? I’m born and bred from within a mile of The Pip Stop. I studied Business Management at University in Leeds and joined the Majestic Wines Graduate Scheme straight after. I left once I was appointed Manager to join the family business, the wine trade! What’s the best drink advice you’ve ever received? This advice surprised me and I... Read More


Our Take on the Trends: The Rise of Sicilian Wine

We like to try and keep on the pulse of the world of booze and after last year’s harvests, wines from Sicily could be the next big thing. In this week’s blog our resident nerd of all things boozy, David, is going to explain why. What’s So Good About Sicilian Wine? Sicily is the largest wine region in Italy. Unlike the other regions in Italy, however, they focus on producing large volumes of reliable, affordable wines. The great thing about Sicilian Wines is the way they seem to merge new... Read More


Meet the Team – Jennifer Scott, Manager

In the first of our Meet the Team series we’d like to introduce you to our store manager, and the one who keeps us organised, Jennifer Scott. How would you sum up your background in a tweet? I started at The Pip Stop 3 years ago, a few months before the opening of our store in County Durham. This is my first role in the wine industry. I am a bit of a history nerd and I have a History degree from Newcastle University. I love travelling and seeing new... Read More

TRYanuary 23/01/2018
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Our Top 6 for Tryanuary

Jog on Dry January! Here at The Pip Stop we love trying new and exciting products. We’ve put together our top 6 for TRYanuary; incorporating up and coming products, new ranges and some trends to watch for 2018. Up and Coming Picpoul de Pinet For those who like: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio One of the rare varietal wines from Southern France, this single grape wine from the Languedoc is a simple wine with a refreshing lemon acidity. The UK enjoys around 37% of all of the Picpoul produced in the... Read More

National rum day 16/08/2017

The Rise of Rum | We Celebrate National Rum Day

In celebration of national rum day we wanted to have a look at the revival of the biggest thing to come out of the Caribbean since Jack Sparrow CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. What is Rum? Rum is a spirit made from sugar cane. Sugar cane is cut, stripped and pressed to extract the juice. This can then be fermented, creating a grassier more pungent spirit known as Rhum Agricole. The juice can also be boiled. This promotes sugar crystalisation and creates a syrup which is referred to as molasses. This has to be diluted... Read More

wine and food matching 10/08/2017

The ins and outs of Food Matching Wine

Finding food matching harder than you’d thought? One of the most common question groups we’re asked is what to pair with what. We’re here to help with our handy guide to the ins and outs of food matching. Debunking the myths There are all sorts of myths around wine and food matching. When pairing wine with food a lot of ‘rules’ as to what not to do have developed over time. As the complex reasons were simplified they became warped, like a big game of Chinese Whispers. Generally, personal preference will... Read More